ProductsModern Swim Spas & Hot Tubs

Thermals Spas present 15 models include 10 models Hot tubs and 5 models Swim Spas. These 15 models involve different size, appearance, and function hot tubs and swim spas, fully satisfied with the needs of all levels of users with International warranty service. What are you waiting for? Come and choose your hot tubs and swim spas.

Swim SpasAquatic Exercise in Your Backyard

Thermals Spas' Swim Spas are the ideal recreation and training devices for anybody who wants to relax, keep themselves fit or train for the upcoming swimming competitions. We created two destinctively different series for recreational and more demanding swim applications.

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Hot TubsNext Generation Spa Experience

Thermals Spas recommend 10 models Hot tubs with 3 different range series Space series, Gemstone series and Intro Series. Each series with different size and specifications, all levels of users can be follow your backyard size to choose your suitable hot tubs.

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