The Thermals Spas DifferenceEngineered For Great Relaxation

Designed with the owner in mind, state of the art design with our spas are always warm and ready to use yet demand surprisingly affordable operating costs. Full foam installation surrounding the shell - combined with the custom fit shell covers - forms an effective insulation barrier keeping the heat in and the cold out. A modern pleasing design with a streamlined appearance and ergonomic interiors, all as standard.

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Underwater TreadmillNew generation of fitness equipment

Variable Frequency Drive

Variable-frequency Drive

The frequency converter developed by THERMALS SPAS is the core part of the underwater treadmill. The frequency converter controls the switching of different gears of the underwater treadmill, and controls the electric control equipment of the AC motor by changing the working power frequency of the motor. Frequency converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC to DC), filter, inverter (DC to AC), brake unit, drive unit, microprocessor unit of detection unit, etc. Frequency converter adjusts the voltage and frequency of output power supply by the interruption of internal IGBT, and provides the required power supply voltage according to the actual needs of motor, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation.

Hydraulic Control System

Hydraulic Control Systems

Hydraulic control system is based on the motor to provide power, the use of hydraulic pumps to convert mechanical energy into pressure, to promote hydraulic oil. This set of equipment is self-assembled by our own purchased parts and has independent intellectual property rights. By controlling various valves to change the flow direction of hydraulic oil, so as to promote the hydraulic cylinder to make different journeys, different directions of action, to complete the different action needs of various equipment.

Shockproof Rubber Stripe

Shockproof Rubber Stripe

Shockproof rubber stripe is a general term for all kinds of rubber shock absorbers. That is, using rubber to eliminate mechanical vibration characteristics to achieve shock absorption, noise reduction and reduce the damage caused by impact. Shock absorber rubber is used to prevent vibration and shock transmission or to cushion the strength of vibration and shock. Shock absorber rubber is widely used in various motor vehicles, equipment and instruments, automated office facilities and household appliances.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are one of the basic mechanical components with high precision and complex structure. They are the key components of various pumps, reaction synthesis kettles, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other equipment. Its sealing performance and service life depend on many factors, such as type selection, machine accuracy, correct installation and use, etc.

Power SavingCleverly Saving You Money

R10 Insulation

R-10 Full Insulation Technology

R-10 Full insulation technology has been very popular and mature in Hot tubs industry. It is purpose to save the running cost of Hot tubs, and to achieve energy saving and environment protection. Thermals Spas always focus on innovation and breakthrough in the R-10 Full Insulation Technology, and decrease to minimize the running costs of Hot tubs.

Infrared Image

Value of Energy Efficiency

Thermals Spas not only strives to perfect in R-10 Full Insulation Technology, but also incorporate energy-saving technology of massage pumps. Thermals Spas established the only Hot tubs factory with Witness Laboratory of TUV and ETL in the world. Through the several tests in the laboratory, Thermals Spas based on the performance of the massage pumps, reference the requirement of ergonomics, through reasonable allocation of massage jets and massage pumps, and play the massage pumps maximum value of energy efficiency, to reduce running costs of Hot tubs.

Testing Equipment

Integrated System

Thermals Spas after years of innovation and breakthrough in R-10 Full Insulation Technology cooperating sealed covers of Hot tubs and energy-saving technology of massage pumps, our hot tubs can maximize save the running costs of hot tubs, to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

Insulation Cover

Thermo Insulation Cover

Thermals Spas swim spas and hot tubs are not only equipped with a highly efficient and energy-saving heating system, but also a 10 cm thickness strong cover and a full effect R10 thermal insulation layer, meaning the spa's owners can constantly keep the water in the most agreeable temperature with minimum expenditure in severely cold days or in great snow. Even if in the snow, owners are able to experience the infinite fun and relieve their fatigue in the falling snow as long as they sweep the thick snow onto the cover, lift the cover and step into the warm water.

A Safe ExperienceCarefully Tested, Again and Again.


Chemical Testing

Chemically Tested

Thermals Spas always devote to produce high quality and high technology hot tubs, users to enjoy the comfort of hot tub, meanwhile, we are also very concerned about the user's service condition, the simulation testing of water quality and microorganism is one of spare no effort directions of Thermals Spas. We establish a real use environment of the hot tub running and use in Thermals Spas factory, test run spa for days and analyse water samples every day to ensure that all our products meet relevant water quality standards.

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Technically Tested & Certified

Thermals Spas devote to make first class technological production process, and produce high-effect and safe hot tub by various technologies testing equipment. Modern measuring instruments are being used throughout the production process, to ensure that every Thermals Spas function reliably and safely throughout their entire product lifecycle. 

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Technical Testing

Innovative Safety Technology

With no safety valve, users cannot move away their heads and water in the hot tub cannot be drained in a short time. Thus there will be risks of drowning. However, with the safety valve equipped in the hot tub, the risk of drowning should be a history. Once your head touches the suction, the alarm will ring and then the safety valve will begin to activate, conveying air into the pump and releasing the absorption. The security of our safety valve has successfully passed the accreditation institutions test of Australia, Europe and North America.

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Self-Cleaning SystemSaves Water, Saves Hassle.


UV Desinfection

Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology

Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology has been widely used in water treatment technique. Compared with heating or put the chemicals with harmful components in your spa, using Ultraviolet disinfection technology in water treatment can effectively and quickly sterilize the water of you spa even no peculiar smell. Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology is characterized by low operating cost, simple maintenance and easy operation. It is applied and cooperated with ozone and filter in the circulation system of Thermals Spas, which supplies you a health and clean environment.

Ozone Desinfection

Ozone Disinfection & Purification System

Each Thermals Spas swim spa and hot tub is equipped with a highly efficient, safe and durable ozone disinfection & purification water processing system. With a life not less than 5000 hours, the ozone generator is controlled by the central processor. Once set up, it can control the start, close and operation time of ozone generator. In order to maximize the mixing and melting effect between the water and the ozone released in the spa water, Thermals Spas masterly assembles ozone generator input pipe, circulation pump, heater and filter into a scientific and highly efficient pipeline by dint of its proprietary technology and devices.

Double Filters

Double Filters

Compared with ordinary and single filter paper, the double filter papers doubles the filter area and filter twice as much water in the same running time, thereby achieve a faster, bigger and more effective filtration effect.

Romantic LightingStimulating and Relaxing

Fibre Optic Light: Thermals Spas lets you experience the seven colours of light - red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, light colour and soft, bright, colourful, low loss, low energy consumption, green fibre optic lights.

Brings you a dream world while you enjoy a strong massage spa to let you feel spa light therapy, allowing you to completely relax, a spa massage is more effective to improve human health, spirit release, muscle soothing, extremely helpful psychologically and physically.


7 Colors of Light


Acrylic Shell & CabinetBeautiful & Durable

Thermals Spas products have been designed to work in a wide range of environments. Only top materials can withstand the test of time, burning summer sun, cold winters, autumn rains and snowfall. Our high quality acrylic shell is made to withstand the test of time.

Aristech Logo

Aristech™ Acrylic Shell

U.S. Aristech acrylic material: it has excellent weather resistance, panel coated with high concentrations of UV absorbers, insurable long weather, fadeless, strong adaptability to the natural environment, even after prolonged exposure to the sun, wind and rain. 

Organic Shapes

Ergonomic Shapes

Every single spa that leaves our factory has been carefully planned from the very first step. Only a spa which is comfortable to sit in and which closely follows the shape of the human body can deliver an effective massage and optimum relaxation. Every seat, lounge, curve and jet position of your Thermals Spas hot tub or swim spa has been carefully planned.

Spa Cabinet

Durable Insulated Cabinet

Thermals Spas hot tubs & swim spas feature an innovative PS type material cabinet with PVC foam insulation. It not only completely retains the performance of traditional wooden decorative materials, but also its environmental protection, light, high strength, anti-corrosion, anti-fog and durability characteristics.

Control SystemState of the Art

Making the spas technological is the progress direction of Thermals Spas. Most of the electronic products around us are with Bluetooth and touch capabilities. Thermals Spas introduce Balboa Bluetooth touch panel for providing you with the more practical and more high-end experience. You can control the spa not only on the touch panel, but also by your cell phone or tablet PC. You can enjoy the comfort moment while experiencing the technological performance form Thermals Spas.

BALBOA Control Panel

Control Panels

The sleek panels have LCD displays that have moving function indicator icons, maintenance reminders, and service alerts on the easy-to-read screen. All panels are interchangeable and provide a wide selection of options and sizes.

Actual control panel model may vary depending on product and specifications chosen.


Control Box

The BP family of hot tub control systems were designed using Balboa's patented M7® temperature and water flow sensing technology and a new universal control platform. These features increase the reliability, ease of installation and serviceability of the control. 

Lean Back and Relax

Lean Back and Relax

Thermals Spas products have been designed to deliver the ultimate spa experience while being easy to use and maintain. The control panel and control box make spa ownership as hassle-free as it has even been. All you have to do is dive in and enjoy your Thermals Spas product.