PRO Swim Spas with TreadmillProfessional Aquatic & Underwater Workout

This high-tech option upgrade of PRO SWIM SPAS series adds the option of underwater treadmill to Athena and Apollo, greatly improves the sense of technology of these two PRO Swim Spas, and actually increases the interest and function of sports for these two PRO Swim Spas. The underwater treadmill is driven by hydraulic pressure, water and electricity are separated with very safety factor. Running speed can be adjusted by the control panel from one to nine levels, from one kilometre per hour to eight kilometres per hour, suitable for users with different needs.

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Apollo T

Apollo T

In addition to enjoying family reunion, you can also have private space for swimming exercises, as well as new underwater treadmill functions.

Athena T

Athena T

In addition to professional swimming training, you can also use the new underwater treadmill function to warm up and relax.

Configured to Suit Your Needs

Thermals Spa PRO Swim Spas with Treadmill are available in a number of shell, cover and skirt colors. A selection of configuration options let you customize your personal PRO Swim Spa even further. Select any of the models above to find out more about technical specifications and available options.

Propeller RevolutionProfessional Swim Spa Solution

Thermals Spa's propeller and PRO swim pump system can produce a broad, deep and powerful waterflow without adding air and at an extremely low noise level. Specifically designed diverters in the water outlets create an ideal swimming environment, even for amitious swimmers.

  • maximum flow rate of 1.8 - 2.3 m/sec.
  • less energy input
  • highest reliabilty and safety

Realistic Swim SensationLow-Pressure Backwater System

For our PRO Swim Spas series we developed a dedicated low pressure backwater system. Online traditional water suction systems Thermals Spas swim spas feature generously proportioned water inlets which drastically reduce the flow speed though the water suction inlets. This does not only almost completely eliminated undesired currents but also contributes to an unique, ocean-like swimming sensation.

  • eliminates undesired currents
  • unique swimming experience
  • suitable for beginners and advanced swimmers

Next Steps

Leisure Series Swim Spas

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Our Leisure Series swim spas have ben specifically designed for with recreation and relaxation in mind. They integrates the benefits of a modern hot tub and an endless swimming pool into one single device.

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Dive Into The FutureThermals Spas PRO Swim Spas

PRO Swim Spas by Thermals Spa have been designed to provide the best possible swim experience for swimmers of any experience level. We would be happy to assist you finding the right configuration for your needs.

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