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The smart spa era has come! With so many design features to chose from the bather can have it all to hand, and never miss a beat.

By adopting the remote wireless control system which is developed by the American company Balboa, bathers can control the spa anytime, anywhere by connecting to the internet via their smartphone, set up the functions and parameters, slip into the Jacuzzi and relax the body and mind immediately!

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EntertainmentGreat Fun For All Gernerations

The Features

Connect and control the whirlpools any time anywhere via the smartphone. Just simply touch the screen to set up the temperature, pumps, lights, the blower, filter cycle and so on. The filter cycle is programmable directly via the smartphone. Quick, simple and easy to use. In such audio visual era, a high quality entertainment system cannot be absent. Our outdoor spas and swim spas are equipped with the iPod dock from American company Aquatic AV, 3” high quality speakers and subwoofers, which bring you fantastic audio feast.

  • Waterproof rating: IP65, suitable for all-weather use.
  • Use the radio frequency remote control, controlling the spa from all directions and far away.
  • Built-in amplifier
  • With pre-out for external amplifier
  • Support iPod, MP3 and Radio

Get Connected

Our outdoor spas and swim spas are equipped with high quality 3” Aquatic speakers, subwoofers and the Generation 2 iPod dock. Bathers can choose an optional DVD player and can enjoy the spa at the same time as listening to their favourite sounds, relaxing body and mind.

Health & Fitness CenterFor Recreation & Professional Training.

Most forms of exercise involve some risk of injury. According to recent studies, 65% of runners will suffer a significant injury each year. Even more sports players risk hurting themselves and may lose the opportunity to exercise. Some never get past the rehab phase and back into training again.

Swim Thether

Swim Thether

Swim tether is a special training aid for swimmers, consists of fiber rob, rope, nylon belt and aluminum base, is easy to install and dismount, required swimming space just 4.3meters, then the swim tether can help to create ideal swimming intervals for you. The swimming rope can reduce drag and eliminate the unnatural forces encountered in the swimming process further to provide a correct direction for a swimmer, so it is suitable for all users, beginners and skilled swimmers.

Rowing System

Aquatic Rowing System

Extend the capabilities of your swim spa even further. Our easy to install rowing system provides extra training for arm and back muscles.

Fitness Rope

Aquatic Fitness Rope

This ultra-versatile fitness device is as simple as powerful. Ideal for general fitness and recovery purposes for all age groups.

Targeted MassageCarefully Designed for Great Relaxation

Enjoy the perfect spa massage at home. Our hydrotherapy jets offer the ultimate all over body massage at the touch of a button, all controlled by you. Our swims spas have 3 to 5 massage seats which have been carefully designed according to basic principles of human physiology and hydraulics. The spa pool also has a massage zone where massage jets are lined up to the human shape. The user can turn their body to enjoy a massage experience through the impact of water flow.

Target Areas

Extremely concentrated jet regions to target major muscle groups, water jets will massage your neck, shoulders, back, legs and make sure your whole body will be serviced. What is more, they are 360 degree rotary jet, you can change the power of water by move cover of jets, a customized massage made by your hand: State of the art design Stainless steel jets with durable plastic cover 360 degree rotary Power of water can be changed by hand.