Duce6 Person Swim Spa

Our 6 person swim spa is perfect for those that want more space and the ability to invite friends over to share in the luxury! Giving you more space to swim, jog, exercise or play than our Classico. Don’t forget, along with our other swim spas, that they require less space, cost less money and require less maintenance than a conventional pool. With 4 seats this is the perfect pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all in one.

5.3x2.3 2 3x 3HP 2x 2HP + 1x 3HP
Meters Zones Swim Pumps Massage Pumps

Acrylic Shell in 5 Colours


Cloud Blue

Silver White Marble

Midnight Opal


Insulation Cover in 2 Colours



PS Cabinet in 2 Colours



  Click the colour images to see the images in larger size and navigate though the product colour gallery.

Product Specifications



Dimensions (L x W x H)

5980 x 2280 x 1630 / 1480 mm

Seating Capacity

5 Adults

Lounge Seats

Double Lounge

Cooldown Positions

Single Cooldown Position

Water Capacity

9400 Litres

Dry Weight

1205 kg

Spa Shell


Shell Colours


Structural Frame

Corrosion Free Steel Frame


Heat Retention Foam


Timeproof PS Cabinet

Cabinet Colours


Control System

2 x BALBOA® control system


2 x 3 kW

Circulation Pump

2 x 1 HP/0.7 kW

Hydro Massage pump

1 x 2 HP/1.5 kW
1 x 3 HP/2.2 kW

Stainless Steel Water Jets


Swimming Pump

3 x 3 HP

Swimming Jets

6 x 7.5 Powerful Swim Jet

Lighting System

3 x Large Underwater Light

Ozone System

1 x 80 mg
1 x 60 mg

Drain Valves


Intake Valves


Easy-Flo Air Control Valves




Filtration System

3 x Cartridge Filter

Options for this Product

Aquatic Fitness Rope

Enjoy the benefits and entertainment of a swimming pool and slides together in one awesome unit.

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Aquatic Rowing System

The uesr can do exercise in Swim spa of Thermals by using this fitness equipment which can accelerate training effect.

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BlueTooth iPod Player with 4 speakers

Enjoying our spas with splendid melody will be perfect.

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Fiberglass Base

In addition to moistureproof, the Fiberglass Base is an important part of the insulation system.

Heavy-Duty Cover

Besides the function of dustproof and heat preservation, it is more important to prevent children from drowning.

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R-10 Heatlock Insulation

Our upgraded R10 insulation reduces energy costs significantly and is suitable for even the coldest climates. 

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Skidproof PS Steps

Convenient and strong steps, you can walk freely in and out of our Spas.

Swim Tether

Swim thether is a soecial training aid for swimmers and can help the create ideal swimming intervals for you.

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Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV)

Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) lamp not only long use time, bactericidal effect also is obvious.

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Waterline LED Lighting

Click on the lighting button on panel and you will see a different Thermals Spas.

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