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We are now proud of present our NEW spas of Ocean and Hydro. It is the same dimensions of old version of Ocean and Hydro, but they are some of different and upgrade from old version.

With 2 sizes to choose from, both models are built with many of the same high quality components as the Space and Gemstone series, such as ARISTECH Acrylics, with the option to add on features such as US made Bluetooth player system with speakers, and R-10 heat lock insulation system. The most of special upgrade with NEW Ocean and Hydro will be the LED lighting corner (LLC). We add the function of Shoulder massage into NEW OCEAN and HYDRO. Romantic atmosphere and the most popular accessories for Children we added into the NEW Ocean and Hydro.

Plug & PlayFill with Water. Plug In. Enjoy Thermals Spas.

NEW spas of Ocean and Hydro can upgrade to PLUG & PLAY spas, our end user no need to install dedicated wiring, simply fill with water, plug in and turn on. Portable and perfect for areas that no other Hot Tub can be installed.

Thermals Spas Plug&Play

2 Products



Perfect choice 6 person hot tub for family entertainment



Compact 5 Person Hot Tub with quality Components

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